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Live Experiences

Sommelier & Magic by Ben Silver is a true Luxury Experience unlike any other wine & magical performance, As Ben Silver is the World’s ONLY Magician and Certified Sommelier.

Hundreds of corporations and private clients have chosen Ben Silver’s Sommelier and Magic Experience to share with their colleagues, clients, friends and family.

A perfect fit for corporate dinner entertainment, sales retreats, client appreciations, trade show suite parties, birthday celebrations, or at home surrounded by the people that matter the most.

Learn more about Ben Silver’s Sommelier and Magic options, packages, and programs.


Wine Shop

The Client Experience & Collectable Wines for Joy and Investment

Certified Sommelier Ben Silver tastes every wine he sells. Ben selects the wines for two reasons, they will be good fits for client events and/or they are wines he wants to drink himself and they will age well and be a good investment.

This wine shop provides tremendous quality wines for people who appreciate fine wines, and for clients who meet Ben Silver and want the answer to “what do you like to drink?” … well now you know, this Ben Silver’s private collection, and you have access to it!