My wife hired Ben for a private party for my 30th birthday at our place for a night of Wine Tasting and Magic. The event was incredible! There were about 20 guests and everyone had a blast and has continued to talk about how much fun the event was in the days since. Ben was incredibly accommodating and easy to work with and his passion for wine and magic really shines through the entire experience. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Chris N. Physician- Sharps Rees Steely

Ben was beyond amazing! He was both sommelier and magician for my 50th birthday. I have never seen magic and mentalist like this! His tricks were mind blowing like Vegas show talent tat left all the guests amazed! Ben was personable, professional and FUN! If you want an amazing party people will talk about for year book Ben!

Shannon C- The Crosby Ranch Santa Fe

I recently went to a friends private dinner party in La Jolla…and OMG was I in for a surprise!!! It ended up being a four course dinner menu with four different wine pairings. Upon the first paring this is when I met Ben! I really don’t know where to begin with this man’s skill sets.

He is a sommelier and magician! We not only got a whole wine tasting experience we got an amazon magic show for dessert! In one of his tricks he pulls out a bottle of champagne out of thin air!!! Our dinner was a truly magical experience!!

Ben is the perfect combo of everything that you could ever want in regards to service, entertainment and knowledge. This was def. a classy dinner that I will always remember! I highly recommend Ben for all you private party needs….trust me you will not be disappointed!! 🙂

Jessica K.

This is the 3rd time I have had the pleasure of Ben’s as a magician and Sommelier.

His wine skills are thoughtful, unpretentious, and articulate. He moves quickly but at a measured pace. He appears to be pleased to share his thoughts for his pairings.

His magical skills are mind bending, and it’s always very interesting to join his magical ride as only sometimes I am correct as to where it will end.

This is the most satisfying part for me. Ask him a challenging question, not regarding the aspects of his magic, but a question you would suspect he would not expect. You will quickly see that Ben is a very serious person with absolute direction and insight. Let’s face it how many times do we get to engage with a magician, I couldn’t help myself.

My business associate and I give him 5 stars only because six were not available.

Brian C- Apple

I had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting and magic show by Ben Silver and WOW, was I impressed. Ben’s wine knowledge is far superior than the average wine connoisseur but that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he’s a level two sommelier. What separates Ben from other sommeliers is his ability to talk about the different varietals without alienating the audience by using wine terminology that only a wine
expert would understand. I left the tasting feeling like I leaned a few things rather than feeling dejected by my lack of overall wine knowledge.

After the tasting came the highlight of the evening, the magic show. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was a little fearful that Ben was going do some corny tricks that one would see at a 9 year-olds birthday party. What I saw, literally blew my mind. I don’t want to go into any real detail about the illusions and tricks but trust me when I tell you, you will be both amazed and astounded. Ben’s performance was unbelievable and very entertaining. He ended
his performance with a mentalist trick that makes me believe he may in fact be a sorcerer…

I would highly recommended the wine tasting and magic show to anyone looking to have an enjoyable evening out. If you have friends or family visiting from out of town or need a good date activity look no further.

Will K. – Travelers Insurance

I had to take the time to do this because of how fantastic Ben is. He came to our company event and literally was ALL anyone talked about the next morning!! We did a retreat survey and a lot of the comments were about how insane this magician was. He’s a total crowd pleaser, awesome to work with and will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.


RasikaR – Pacaso Homes

Our department had a holiday event and to change things up, we had Ben come for a wine tasting. He was so knowledgeable and made the event exciting. He ended with a bang, or should I say, started out his second half with a bang. Turns out he’s a magician as well. Our group loved every second of the show and were incredibly impressed by him.
Ben – thank you for making our holiday event a memorable one!

Jessica S- Aquant

His show is just unbelievable! Hands down, best magic show we have ever been to. Ben has a very engaging personality and works the crowd with expertise and skill.

His parlor tricks will blow you away and make you spend days talking about them, thinking about them, and then you realize that that is just the point and the fun of magic!

Pair that with his expertise and passion for wine, and you are in for a treat. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his shows, don’t hesitate. Just go! You won’t be disappointed.

Andrea A – Wine Writer

I had the pleasure of seeing Ben Silver perform at my companies client appreciation dinner. I have never seen magic like Ben’s
before. When someone told me there was going to be a magician I kinda thought it would be cheesy like a kids birthday party. I was wrong. He is like David Blaine meets the most interesting man in the world from Dos Equis.

He is also a Sommelier and a lot of his magic involved wine and was also kinda educational about wine with out being boring. His finale trick he produced a bottle of wine someone had just thought of out of thin air and then proceeded to get a signed card into the sealed bottle… Simply Amazing !!!

I had a chance to speak with him after the show and he was very affable and easy going. He was the highlight of the evening and our clients were raving about him. I can’t wait to throw a dinner party and hire him to entertain my family and friends. Ben Silver is a Great Magician and a class act all around. I highly recommend for any and all events.

Thanks Ben for making me believe in magic again!

Joey C- Charles Schwab Financial Advisors

Like most people I am familiar magic legends like David Copperfield ,
David Blain and Chris Angel. I have always been entertained by a good magic show, so when I had the opportunity to attend a private party with Ben Silver performing I was pretty excited to see what tricks this guy had for us.
Honestly I wasn’t expecting much as the names I mentioned at the beginning of my review are really well known, successful magicians. But after attending this event I have to say I was blown away by Ben’s talents and tricks. It was one amazing show and his tricks are original and has a funny personality knowing how to play off the crowd. My wife and I were very entertained. I don’t want to spoil most of the tricks he did but even here 2 days after I am still thinking about the show.
Ben Silver is a very talented magician. His show kept a the entire audience as well as myself engaged the entire time.

I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see him perform to do so,before he gets popular enough to where it will be hard to get a chance to see him.
Another cool thing is he lets the guests keep souvenirs of the show which I though was pretty cool. Some would think magic is only for kids but that is far from the truth, as anyone of any age would love Ben Silvers show. He was
also kind enough to do one last amazing trick when we requested an encore at the end of the performance because time went by very fast since everyone was caught up in the cool tricks he did.
Ben Silver is definitely San Diego’s best kept secret! I will be coming to see him perform again and bring more friends next time because it is a great experience.

Raul R – Colony Capital

100% the BEST magician I have ever seen! He is also a fantastic certified Sommelier, which is a perfect event combination! I have used him multiple times for different events and what he delivers is awe inspiring. He is extremely professional as well as an engaging entertainer. If there were more stars to give he would get them from me!

Valerie B. – Enterprise Rent -a- car

Amazing entertainer! Ben was our sommelier for company event and really kept group entertained with his knowledge of wines. Added bonus was his magic performance at the end that clearly wowed the group. Had us guessing and trying to figure out the trick!  It didn’t help us that we just tasted several different wines. Had wonderful time – thanks Ben for the entertainment !

Thao D- Capital One Bank

Ben Silver = Phenomenal!!! I hired Ben Silver for my mom’s 60th
birthday and he was the hit of the night!! He did a wine and magic dinner for my family, about 20 of us in total. It was the most amazing dinner experience I
have ever been a part of! The wines we’re perfectly paired and the magic was out of this world, I am still dumbfounded on how what he did was possible.

At first when I spoke with Ben he was very warm and professional and gave me different opinions to consider, he made sure all my needs we’re met. His pricing was more than I expected but I honestly didn’t know what a magician cost, but he’s not only a magician he’s also a wine expert. Let me tell you, you get what you pay for, Ben Silver is the best magician I have ever seen and his execution of the evening was flawless. I can’t wait to use him again and I’m recommend in him for my companies holiday party.

Ben, my family loves you and I can’t thank you enough for giving my mom what she says was the “best night of her life” !!!!!

Ben Silver delivers the goods, Book with confidence!!!!

Chris L- Oracle

I hired Ben to provide wine and entertainment for my Dad’s
90th birthday party and he definitely helped make the party a huge success with everyone who attended. A month before the party, I emailed Ben the caterer’s menu of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and he came up with a couple of amazing
wine pairing suggestions – all of them obscure, delicious and affordable.
Everyone loved the wines, and ALL of his magic was truly amazing. (We now have an unopened wine bottle with a card signed and dated by my Dad floating around in it that may wind up becoming a family heirloom!)
People who were there are saying that it was the party against which all other parties they ever attend will always be measured. And Dad has a long-held love for magic (he once saw Harry Blackstone perform when he was a kid) and he was totally blown away by everything Ben did. And we were able to get some nice
pictures of so much of my family all together (and smiling!!) in one place -and that never happens in scattered families like ours very often.

Thanks so much to Ben for helping make it such a special day for Dad and his friends and family!

Scott S.

Let me start by saying this review is not about magic but about just good old decency. I saw Ben in San Diego two years ago where he performed at a restaurant along with his wine skills. We were surprised as there was no expectation for this… There were 10 of us “older” adults and Ben was an absolute delight. Magic was great (at our table no less), but this review is not about that. This review is about Ben the person…

One of our group is celebrating their 50th birthday and we were trying to
figure out what to do. My wife had Ben’s card (from two years ago) and I sent him an email… by the way updated email please check the website…

Ben responded (actually called me directly) within minutes and took care of our requests… that’s what this review is about. someone who is decent and cares and goes out of his way to help. He doesn’t know me and wouldn’t remember me from two years ago and my request doesn’t help him in any way financially.. so in a time when everyone wants to know ‘whats in it for me?’… This cat is the real deal.. I’m a fan, magic was great and I can’t wait to meet him again,,, but thank you BEN for being a decent human being… and for making someones 50th birthday magic….

Biren S.